Company Profile




RSMCO Limited has a vision for successful growth through the quality of its products, services and people. Established in 2009, we have achieved success through investment in people, machinery and systems.


We have built an enviable reputation for our standards of workmanship and service through our commitment to high standards of quality, attention to detail and customer care.


Our philosophy and culture is based on openness and integrity, and the development of long-term sustainable relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff. We strive to provide high performance and minimise costs.


To invest in equipment and our people to ensure we achieve a high level of service and performance.

To ensure each employee is totally committed to quality and customer service.

To understand our customer’s needs and create efficiency improvements and cost reductions whenever possible.

Actively encourage employee involvement, team working and develop individual employee ability and potential.

To work with customers who employ modern supply chain management techniques, and understand the benefits of cooperation and long term relationships with suppliers.

To purchase the best in goods and services on a competitive basis and to develop and encourage long term ethical relationships with suppliers.

To direct our services at market sectors with solid growth and a sound financial structure.

To behave in a responsible way in the business community and society, and assist charitable causes whenever possible.

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