New Pelleting Equipment

RSMCO is able to source and supply a range of new pelleting equipment from pelleting presses, feeders, conditioners, crumblers and coolers.

If you are in the market for new equipment give us a call and we will help you source the best possible solution.

  • Pelleting Presses
  • Feeders & Conditioners
  • Crumblers
  • Hammer Mills
  • Coolers

New Equipment Catalogue

For the complete list of new equipment available, please click here > Complete Equipment Catalogue

Pellet Press

Pellet presses supplied by RSMCO are specifically designed for the toughest pelleting conditions.

The pellet mills are highly stable, robust and refined because of 40 years experience in development, engineering and innovation.

For more information click here > Pellet Press


Conditioning is the result of the variables moisture, temperature and time. As moisture and temperature are related, time is the ultimate variable to enhance the process. Time can be gained with the application of a Conditioner. The Conditioner significantly improves the process of feed conditioning.

Please click here for the range of conditioners available > Conditioner

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mills are grinder devices for size reduction in a wide spectrum, from crushing and coarse grinding to fine grinding in feed mills and associated industries with a high efficiency.

Hammer mills provide a high production flexibility with minimal downtime. .

Click here for more information on the Hammer Mills available > Hammer Mill

Feed Compactor

Hard pellets production consumes a lot of energy, therefore firms seek more efficient and economic compacting methods. Feed Compactor answers to that need with its unique concept.

► Improved pellet quality

► Increased capacity

► Less kWh per ton, compared to double pelleting or expanding.

Click here for more informayion on the compactors available > Feed Compactor


Crumbling machines crumble feed in pellet form with minimum powdering.

Crumblers are designed to gain an optimum result with minimum fines but maximum crumble.

► Higher Performance

► Lower Energy Consumption

► Easy maintenance access

Please click here for more information > Crumbler


RTB Hygienizer is a patented solution to thermal treatment of powder feed for hygienic purposes. Before pelleting and after the homogeneous mixing of steam in a conditioner, the raw material is suspended to a balanced heat diffusion for a regular period of time across a hot and insulated housing named Retention Time Barrel. After the RTB, the product can be treated in a pellet mill, extruder or meal cooler. Consequently, the thermal treatment of the product causes easier operation in the pellet mill, which simultaneously results in a improved pellet quality. Click here for more information > RTB Hygenizer

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