Pellet Press Roller Shells

Pellet Press Roller Shells

RSMCO manufacture and supply roll shells to suit all types of pelleting presses from all the leading manufacturers.

All our roll shells are produced from high grade steel which is proven to give long term performance for wear, hardness and corrosion resistance. All this leads to reduced down time and refurbishment cost’s for our customers.

We can also manufacture bespoke roll shells to your specific drawing or specification.

Roll Shell Spiral Fluted

Roll Shell Dimpled Staggered Pattern 

Roll Shell Open Fluted

Roll Shell Closed End Fluted

Roll Shell Dimpled Parallel Pattern

Roll Shell Narrow Track Fluted

Fixed Price Contracts

RSMCO also offer the option of fixed price contracts for the supply of roller shells. We will stock your shells for call off to ensure you have a continuous supply when needed.

  • Available as Dimpled, Fluted (Corrugated), Spiral Fluted, Closed End Fluted, Saw Tooth.
  • Steel Grades, C50 Carbon Steel, Induction Hardened, 20MnCr5 Alloy Steel, Case Hardened, 100Cr6 High Carbon Alloy Steel, Induction Hardened.
  • Proven Long Term Performance for Wear, Hardness and Corrosion.
  • Complete made-up roll assemblies available.

Talk to us today about sampling a set of our roll shells and see how much you could save!

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