Roll Refurbishment

Roll Assembly Refurbishment

We offer a full refurbishment service for all pellet mill rollers from 100mm diameter up to 500mm diameter.

Rollers first have a visual inspection and a worksheet is produced. The assemblies are then stripped down and all components are pre-cleaned and hot washed. All components are then inspected for wear and any parts that are worn to excess are replaced. Bearings are inspected for fatigue spalling, heat discoloration, pitting, rust, damaged cage and any noticeable wear.

While it may be possible to return bearings with these conditions to service, there is an increased risk of bearing damage and failure after the unit is reassembled. All bearings and replaced components can be returned to the customer for their own inspection if required. We always advise the customer before any major components are replaced.

Assemblies are then reassembled, correctly tensioned and fully greased with suitable high temperature grease.

The majority of roller refurbishment is completed within 5-7 days. Rollers can be prioritised at the request of the customer for urgent and breakdown situations.

Fixed Price Contracts Available.

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